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For the benefit of managing the product being traded by “Euroasian Ventures” they are divided in two product categories by Geneor

Manufactured Products

The products that are manufactured by the group in the facilities directly or indirectly owned by the group.

Traded Products

The products that are procured by ‘Euroasian Ventures’ from third party through contract manufacturing, conversion contract, SWAP contract or as a stand alone by out contract  as a principal

  • Primary Metals
  1. Primary Aluminum Ingots and SOWs
  2. Primary Copper Cathodes
  3. Primary Zinc Ingots
  4. Primary Lead Ingots
  • Secondary Metals
  1. Black Metal Scrap HMS1, HMS 1 & 2, Re Rollable Scraps, Cast Iron Scraps etc
  2. Copper Scrap Birch Cliff, Black Berry and Mill Berry
  3. Brass Scrap Honey and Ocean
  4. Aluminium Scrap Taint Tabor, Tense, Talon, Tann, Taldon, Taldork, Telic, Twitch and Shreded / Copper / based extrusion scraps.
  • Minerals
  1. Gibistic Bauxite
  2. Iron Ore
  3. Iron Ore Fine
  4. Manganese Ore
  5. Chrome Ore
  6. Gypsum Plaster
  • Industrial Chemicals
  1. Sulphur
  2. Soda Ash
  3. Caustic Soda
  • Miscellaneous Products
  1. Cement Clinker


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