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Euroasian Ventures FZE is the member of an international industrial conglomerate having interest in Metals, Minerals, Hydrocarbon derivatives and Industrial Chemicals.

We have our manufacturing, contract manufacturing and trading activities spread all over Indian Sub-Continent, Middle East, CIS region, West Africa, and Mediterranean Europe.

All the commodities traded by us, originate either from our directly or indirectly owned production facilities as a group or are procured by us from accredited third parties, either against a conversion or SWAP contract as the principal.


Euroasian Ventures is a new but fast growing enterprise with focus on production, sourcing and marketing of Non Ferrous Metals, Minerals, Hydrocarbon derivatives and Industrial Chemicals. Our Global presence in the market with respect to above commodities has given our traders ‘experts in sight’ to the demand and supply of these products in our countries of presence and operation. Our production and supply chain executives have gained much in sight in the production and supply cycle of these commodities by virtue of managing our different manufacturing and contract manufacturing facilities.

We continue to pursue selective acquisitions, Joint Ventures and Financial Alliances with third parties and aim to create value to our supply chain management through our Acquisitions and Strategic Joint Ventures over long term horizons.

We believe that continuing participation in industrial assets and natural resources is an important strategic step to our long term evolution to emerge as a market leader with respect to our chosen area of operation.

A distinguished team of independent professional comprising of a elite group of managers ensures the clear definition of risk from counter party, to credit, to political, to product and constantly strive with innovative mechanisms to reduce the value and level of risks that we face. We value our “Risk Management Division” as the most valuable organ of our enterprise.

Offsetting risk is one of the core competence of ‘Euroasian Ventures’ management system and we consider our continued investment in ‘market-leading’ risk management system as vital to preserving our competitive advantage.

Each investment opportunities in an industrial asset or natural resource or new venture is evaluated on a stand alone basis for their potential contribution which would benefit “Euroasian Ventures” journey to achieve a critical mass in the relevant market and to support our corporate ambition to establish long term relationship with our trading partners, financial institutions and Governments.


We will continue our journey to our mission and objective by developing the critical mass required to encounter the ever competitive business cycles of the present days by achieving the correct momentum required for the time, punctuated with an agile maneuverity

We feel both, momentum and agilety are essential to over come the seemingly unsurmountable obstacles with ingenuity and we would continue our undaunted effort to achieve it by creating more satisfied wider and transnational customer base by trying to understand their needs and wants better. We will concentrate our effort to satisfy them by developing an ever evolving employee base by winning their trust and commitment in exchange of our commitment and love for the mission.

At Euroasian Ventures we recognize the Human Resources as the most prized assets of an enterprise and we always thrive to develop a motivated and yet highly ambitious and demanding HR policy which in turn offers all our employees a great deal of “Responsible Freedom” to contribute to the corporate goals of the enterprise without sacrifying their care free journey of life.

We see our self as an ever responding enterprise always at the mode of continuous frecandation to the ever changing world to achieve as a yet better, yet cautious and yet aggressive equilibrium which would render best satisfaction to our stockholders and financial partners.

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